Abstract by Caroline Hansen

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Caroline Hansen



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Jeffrey Macedone
Rachel Barlow
Dennis Eggett

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jeffrey Macedone


Closing the Gap Between Student Performance and Potential


In BYU freshman chemistry courses, too large of a portion do poorly despite admitting high-GPA freshmen. Our student surveys indicate challenges include: poor study skills, time management, life crises, and learning disorders. Regardless of many resources available on campus, connecting students to existing resources doesn’t always happen. Our objective is to create a system embedded in a chemistry course that allows students to assess their learning impediments and directs them to corrective measures. Under the direction of experts from the Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL), University Accessibility Center (UAC), and Counseling Center (CAPS) we are creating video resources that aim to help students identify barriers to achievement, connect with campus experts, and develop skills necessary for success. By giving students opportunities to assess their learning strategies and impediments, we expect they will seek help, make changes, and improve their scores, closing the gap between their performance and potential.