Abstract by Andy Bennett

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Andy Bennett



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Steven Graves

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Steven Graves


A peptidomic approach for biomarkers of Alzheimer\'s disease


Alzhiemers disease is currently difficult to detect using biochemical methods, especially in its early stages. Our research used a serum peptidomic approach to examine low level, low MW molecules. To remove high abundance serum proteins, acetonitrile precipitation was used. Each sample was analyzed by cLC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS using reverse phase liquid chromatography. We used a Students t-test to compare cases and controls initially.  In the first study 59 markers were found, 13 being particularly good.  In a second study these 13 promising markers were analyzed and 4 showed marked differences in early stage AD. Of interest there appears to be gender differences among the 13 AD markers. New specimens will be analyzed to confirm and expand gender-specific biomarkers to diagnose individuals with early stage AD.  This ability is critical for meaningful drug trials.