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Sean Pearce



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Physics and Astronomy

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Elizabeth Kraczek, Michael Joner


Photometric Calibrations of Gemini Images of NGC 6253


We present results of our analysis of the metal-rich open cluster NGC 6253 using imaging data from the Gemini-South Observatory. These data are part of a larger project to observe the effects of high metallicity on white dwarf cooling processes, especially the white dwarf cooling age, which have important implications on the processes of stellar evolution. To standardize the Gemini photometry of the cluster, we have also secured imaging data of both the cluster and standard star fields using the 0.6-m SARA Observatory at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. By comparing the photometric magnitudes and colors of additional stars in standard star fields of both the SARA data and the published Gemini zero-points of the standard star fields, we calibrate the data obtained for the cluster. These calibrations are an important part of the project to obtain a standardized deep color-magnitude diagram to analyze the cluster, used to determine the cluster's main sequence turn off age.