Abstract by Michael Beauchamp

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Michael Beauchamp



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Hua Gong
Gregory P. Nordin

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Microchip electrophoresis separation of pre-term birth biomarkers in a 3D printed device


Three dimensional (3D) printing has been shown to be a useful technique for manufacturing and prototyping devices across many industries.  Microfluidics offers several advantages over traditional clinical diagnostics such as small reagent consumption, low cost, and portability.  Here we demonstrate progress toward using stereolithography 3D printing to fabricate microchip electrophoresis devices used toward the detection of pre-term birth biomarkers.  3D printing offers the advantage of using rapid feedback to optimize device design and printing parameters to make small (<50 micrometers) channels.  In this work we were able to separate amino acids, peptides and proteins to demonstrate microchip electrophoresis in a 3D printed device.  Figures of merit calculated for these separations include limits of detection for the analytes, peak resolution and efficiency.