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Kyle Niendorf



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Tiancheng Ouyang


The N-Body Problem: A New Window


We have developed a program that models celestial bodies, highly applicable to the famous N-Body Problem.

The program rising from our research is the first of its kind to model any number of bodies in three dimensions. The program’s 3D application allows the user to intuitively rotate the entire system of bodies, enabling countless new windows, each with unique insight into the behavior of the system. Along with complete freedom of rotation, the user can enlarge or shrink each body, or the entire system, to allow more visible bodies. Another exciting feature allows the user to switch the center of the display, enabling the study of the system planet-by-planet. We can choose which body to have as a fixed point and observe the orbits of the other bodies as the appear to an observer on the selected body. As you can see, this program is of great benefit to all those interested in the N-Body Program. This program should be online by the time of presentation.