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Steven Maggard



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Darin Ragozzine

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Physics and Astronomy

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Darin Ragozzine


Tracking an Exodus: Lost Children of the Dwarf Planet Haumea


The orbital properties of Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) refine our understanding of the formation of the solar system. An object of particular interest is the dwarf planet Haumea which experienced a collision in the early stages of our solar system that ejected shards form its surface that spread over a localized part of the Kuiper Belt. Detailed orbital integrations are required to determine the dynamical distances between family members in the form of "Delta v" as measured from conserved proper orbital elements (Ragozzine & Brown 2007). We perform dynamical integrations to triple the number of candidate Haumea family members. The results improve our understanding of Haumea's family and of its formation. In order to place more secure estimates on the dynamical classification of Haumea family members, we use OpenOrb to perform rigorous Bayesian uncertainty propagation from observational uncertainty into orbital elements and then into dynamical classifications.