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Dallin Jeffs



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John Price
Kyle Gardner
Nathan Keyes

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Price


Understanding Ribosomal Maintenance Under Varying Dietary Conditions.


The ribosome is an integral part of the cell that translates the final stage of DNA information, the mRNA, into functional proteins. Our project focuses on the turnover rates of individual proteins within the ribosome to better understand ribosomal maintenance under different dietary conditions. We have used mass spectroscopy and heavy isotope labelling to obtain ID and kinetic data for four different dietary cohorts of mice, differing in calorie restriction and presence of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products). We are now focusing on analyzing the similarities and the differences between these diets with the purpose of identifying the effect of dietary signals on protein turnover. Preliminary results show similar fast-turnover proteins to previous findings by our lab, and further analysis will deepen our understanding of the relationship between ribosome maintenance and diet.