Abstract by Haifa Almughamsi

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Haifa Almughamsi



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Ellen Parker
Hua Gong
Gregory Nordin
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Development of immunoaffinity extraction methods for preterm birth biomarkers in 3D printed microfluidic devices


Preterm birth (PTB) is the most prevalent complication of pregnancy. It results in 15 million early births annually worldwide. The ability to determine the risk of a PTB prior to contractions is not available clinically. Recently, nine PTB biomarkers were identified that show significant predictive power for the onset of early labor. Microfluidics has advantages of low cost, rapid analysis, and small volumes that make it desirable for developing a PTB analysis device.  Currently, we are focusing on immunoaffinity extraction of PTB biomarkers. We have successfully captured two PTB biomarker proteins (ferritin and lactoferrin) on an affinity monolith in a 3D printed microfluidic device. This work will help to extract and purify biomarkers implicated in PTB risk to create a rapid diagnostic.