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Kellie Monk


Sam Kim

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Gilbert Fellingham


Increasing BYU Women\'s Tennis Win Percentage on Controllable Points


Points in a tennis match are won because of a highly skilled shot, or an error. The 2018 Data Collection Interns gathered data from the women’s tennis matches to see which shots lead to the most winners, forced errors, and unforced errors. Knowing which shots on average lead to winners and forced errors let the player know how to win more points. On the contrary, knowing which shots lead to the most unforced errors allows opportunity to practice these shots, and reduce unforced errors in matches. The Research Assistants subset the data by who won the point (BYU player, or opponent) and by each individual BYU player. Because data were taken only on the service, return, and final shot, it was impossible to determine the type of shot that caused a forced error. The data were then run through a logistic regression model in R studio to predict unforced errors and winners for each individual player. These results, along with the raw numbers were presented to the BYU women’s tennis coach for implementation.