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Aaron Love


Israel Lopez

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Israel Lopez

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Computer Science

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Mike Goodrich


3D Immersive Interface for Interactive Robotics Path-Planning


Conventional Graphical User Interfaces are limited to mouse clicks and 2D windows. Immersive Interfaces (IIs), by contrast, have a richer set of interaction possibilities. We are using Unity3D to design an II for a path-planning algorithm to interact with a mobile robot. The II will be used on Microsoft’s HoloLens. Currently, we have created a mobile coordinate system that 3D objects can reference, and also uses Unity3D’s Tag and Trigger system to set off prompts. Furthermore, we have designed a bar-graph-like 3D representation to communicate what intent the robot has for its path, and what intent the user wants it to have.

We still are developing height maps to show the terrain that the robot is on. Also, we will gather information from our lab’s path-planning algorithm to create 3D paths with the current path, being traveled by the robot, highlighted. These pieces will come together to allow the user to interact with the robot using his hands, voice and even moving in real space.