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Devon Overson



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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jaron Hansen


A GS-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor for Identifying and Quantifying Organic Compounds in Airborne Particulate Matter


Measuring and identifying organic compounds in atmospheric particulate matter (PM) is challenging because of volatility and variable composition. The GC-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor (OAM) being developed at BYU collects, identifies and quantifies semi-volatile organic compounds in PM. Many of these compounds serve as tracers which enable source attribution at a given time. The OAM uses filter collection/thermal desorption to collect the organic compounds and GC-MS to identify and measure the concentration of particle phase organic compounds on an hourly basis. The OAM is robust and compact so it is easily transported to different sampling sites. Sampling conducted in different regions of Utah show variability in both concentration and composition of organic compounds in PM linked to local pollution sources. Future work will sample at other locations and expand the capabilities of the GC-MS OAM to measuring volatile organic compounds.