Abstract by Kaylee Hodgson

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Kaylee Hodgson



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Daniel Nielson
Rachel Finlayson
Emily Ostler
James Hodgson

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Richard Warr


Data Dispersion and Gender: An Analysis of Policy-Makers in Peru, Tanzania, and India


Politicians design and implement policy that impact the lives of their constituents. Academic researchers are constantly analyzing these decisions and their outcomes, producing valuable information regarding the effectiveness of various policies. However, many politicians ignore these findings, or lack the skills necessary to effectively utilize the information. The purpose of this project is to better understand how to effectively present statistically-backed data on development policy to policy-makers in developing countries. Specifically, we employ a field experiment in Tanzania, Peru, and India to evaluate how the gender of both enumerators and government officials impacts the success of the enumerators in securing meetings with the officials to present relevant academic findings. We use both OLS and logistic regression, along with difference of means tests, to evaluate the effect of gender on the dissemination of this important information. Our research helps bridge the gap between academic findings and policy implementation.