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David Harris



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Radim Knob
Robert Hansen
Adam Woolley

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Adam Woolley


Antibiotic resistant bacteria DNA capture using magnetic beads in a microfluidic system


Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections are a growing health care concern, with new cases reported annually.  Without a timely diagnosis, these infections can cause irreversible damage, but current tests for antibiotic resistance require up to 24 hours.  The proposed microfluidic system will detect antibiotic resistance genes in less than one hour.  In this system, magnetic beads modified with ssDNA will hybridize to a complementary strand from  the infecting bacteria.  The DNA will be fluorescently labeled and the beads will be captured in a microchannel.  After heating, the complementary DNA will dehybridize and flow past a detector.  This method will allow for a one-hour analysis time by taking away the need for cell culture or PCR amplification.