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Bradley Naylor



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Paul Hafen
Rob Hyldahl
J.C. Price

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Price


Progress Towards Development of an Open Source Human Kinetic Proteomics Software Tool


                Living cells are dynamic, so understanding the proteome of a living system requires measuring changes in the proteome over time.  Of particular interest is the average rate proteins are destroyed and replaced with new copies, a process called protein turnover.  Measuring protein turnover requires providing a heavy isotope label to an organism and tracking the incorporation of that label into individual proteins on a proteomic scale throughout time.  This process, called kinetic proteomics, is computationally intensive, which can cause difficulty for researchers new to the method. 

                Performing kinetic proteomics is especially difficult in humans due to difficulties in administering the heavy isotope required for the analysis.  There have been efforts to create software tools to perform kinetic proteomics in humans, but so far options are limited.  We are building upon published calculations from previously published human kinetic proteomics experiments and work we have done creating a software tool for kinetic proteomics calculations in animal models, to create a program that will enable any lab to perform human kinetic proteomic calculations.