Abstract by Emily Hales

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Emily Hales



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Mathematics Education

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Blake Peterson


Teacher Mindset


Mindset is a way people view their own intelligence.  A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence is malleable, where a fixed mindset believes that intelligence is predetermined and cannot change.  Research in the last two decades has shown that students with a growth mindset do significantly better in math.  Student mindset is influenced by a number of sources including parents, teachers, friends, and culture.  In the classroom, the teacher practices send messages to students that influence mindset, such as the way teachers handle mistakes or praise students.  However, teachers who professed to have a growth mindset do not always have practices that reflect that mindset; at times those practices even contradict a growth mindset.  My research will be examining why teachers send fixed mindset messages despite knowing the benefits of a growth mindset.  Because we believe that teachers are sensible people, we believe other orientations are influencing their actions.  If we can identify these orientations, we can better work with teachers to send growth mindset messages.