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Matthew Healey



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Physics and Astronomy

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Karine Chesnel


Topology of the Magnetic Domains of a Co/Pt Multilayer Thin Film with 16Å Cobalt Layers


It was recently established, through MFM microscopy, that the magnetic domain topology in Co/Pt (cobalt-platinum) multilayered thin films can be influenced by the magnetic history of the material (i.e. the magnetic path which the material has been exposed to). Particularly, it appears that the domain topology at remanence drastically depends on the magnitude of the previously applied field perpendicular to the material. A maximum density of domains is obtained after a magnetic field of appropriate strength has been applied. We are expanding this study by showing that the appropriate field strength necessary for maximum magnetic domain density in a CoPt multilayer depends on the thickness of the cobalt layers. By performing MFM microscopy on a sample with a thicker cobalt layer than the one used for the preliminary study, we found that the magnetic domain density is maximized at a greater magnetic field value than for thinner cobalt layers.