Abstract Year 2013

First Name Last Name Department Advisor Abstract
First Name Last Name Department Advisor Abstract
Nick Ritter Physics and Astronomy Scott Ritter Sample Abstract
Nick Ritter General Session Barry Bickmore Another Sample
Scott Mancuso Mathematics Tyler Jarvis A Classification of Non-degenerate Quasihomogeneous Singularities
Scott Mancuso Mathematics Tyler Jarvis A Classification of Non-degenerate Quasihomogeneous Singularities
Leland Montierth Mathematics Stephen Humphries Commutative S-Rings of Maximal Dimension
Daniel Thrasher Physics and Astronomy Scott Bergeson Optical fs frequency-comb clock
Rachel Webb Mathematics Tyler Jarvis Frobenius Manifold structure of Fermat Landau-Ginzburg A-model
Joy Williams Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Kir 2.1 in Mammalian Palate Development
Julian Tay Mathematics Tyler Jarvis Hilbert Polynomial of FJRW Rings and the Group-Weights Conjecture
Jared Fisher Statistics Gil Fellingham Bayesian Semiparametric Modeling of Temporal Data: Career Home Run Performance of Major League Baseball Players
Tony Mickelsen Statistics Gil Fellingham Tennis Analytics
Paul Sabin Statistics Scott Grimshaw NCAA Final Four Television Viewing
Zachary Knowlton Statistics Gil Fellingham Using Round by Round Data to Help BYU Golfers Improve
Sam Matthews Chemistry and Biochemistry Joshua Price Investigation into the effects of PEGylation on protein thermodynamic stability.
Matthew Heiner Statistics Gil Fellingham Skill Importance in Women\'s Soccer
Dane Skabelund Mathematics Stephen Humphries Character Tables of Metacyclic Groups
Emily Wilson Statistics Gil Fellingham The BYU Athletic Database: A Brief Introduction
Brandon Foushee Computer Science Chuck Knutson Reflexivity, Raymond, and the Success of Open Source Software Development: A SourceForge Empirical Study
Zac, Yung-Chun Liu Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh Liquid Hydrocarbons and Fluid Overpressures Explain Contractional Structures on Saturn’s Moon Titan
Zac, Yung-Chun Liu Geological Sciences Ron Harris Discovery of Possible Mega-Thrust Earthquake along the Seram Trough from Records of 1629 Tsunami in Eastern Indonesian Region
Kathleen Finlinson Mathematics Jessica Purcell Volumes of Montesinos Links
Andrew Misseldine Mathematics Stephen Humphries Learning to Count Schur Rings over Cyclic Groups
Tyson Hekking Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Graves Determining Digitalis-Like Factor Activity in Preeclampsia Studies by Rb Uptake
Zachary Boyd Mathematics Michael Dorff Invariance of Harmonic Convolutions
Renae Bell Computer Science Tom Sederberg Improving OnePage Genealogy: What it Was, What it is, What it Will Be
Samuel Tolley Statistics Bruce Schaalje Peak Finding and Area Estimation with Multiple Chromatograms with Different Separations
Thomas Packer Computer Science David Embley Populating Ontologies with Data from Lists in OCRed Documents
Skyler Simmons Mathematics Lennard Bakker Stability Sudoku
Daniel Craft Physics and Astronomy John Colton Studies of electron spin in GaAs quantum dots
Toby Dossett Geological Sciences Tom Morris Chronostratigraphy of the muddy Jurassic Entrada Sandstone in south-central Utah: 40Ar/39Ar ages of volcanic ash.
Shelby Johnston Geological Sciences Tom Morris Development of GEOL 210 Field Guidebook
Kevin Williams Statistics Gil Fellingham Sabermetrics
Brian Ricks Computer Science Parris Egbert Modern Crowd Simulation
Ryan Shurtliff Geological Sciences Steve Nelson Thousand Lakes Mountain Mega-Landslide provides support for a wet period during the transition from late glacial to interglacial conditions in Utah
Tyler Winiecke Mathematics Education Keith Leatham Tracking Benny: A Case Study of the Influence of a Case Study
Miriam Amatangelo Mathematics Education Steve Williams Student Understanding of Continuity and Limit at a Point
David Hart Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Bayesian analysis of equivalent sound sources for a military jet aircraft
Sarah Bahr Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Estrogen Receptor Beta modulates migraine in mice
Sole Pera Computer Science Dennis Ng What to Read Next?: Making Book Recommendations for K-12 Users
Scott Ruoti Computer Science Kent Seamons Cracking the egg for secure online communication
Giri Raj Dahal Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates An Inwardly rectifying K channel affects BMP signaling upstream of SMAD phosphorylation
McLean Carpenter Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Temporal trends in West Antarctic surface mass balance: how large scale modes of climate contribute to observed records
Ryan Eliason Statistics Dennis Tolley Utilization of Grade of Membership Scores in Weighting Compilation Models
Mason Victors Mathematics Jeff Humpherys New Tools for Predictive Disease Diagnosis
Paul Felt Computer Science Eric Ringger Exploratory Corpus Annotation
James Taylor Mathematics Jeff Humpherys The Annuity Puzzle: A Stochastic Control Approach
Kyle Blatter Computer Science Mike Goodrich Modeling Temporal Latency in Human-Robot Teams
Carla June Carroll Physics and Astronomy Mike Joner Reverberation Mapping using Broadband Photometric Imaging with a 0.9-m Telescope
Bryan Ray Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Kir2.1 in mammalian limb development
Nicholas Spendlove Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Irk2 is required for Dpp signaling in tracheal develoment of the fly
Brad Loertscher Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Progress Towards the Synthesis of Cranomycin
Jared Ward Statistics Gil Fellingham Distance Runners and Mileage
Anzi Wang Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee Enhancing the Separation Performance of Microfabricated Gas Chromatography Columns Using Thermal Gradients
Niccole Franc Mathematics Education Keith Leatham Comparing Two Different Student Teaching Structures by Analyzing Conversations Between Student Teachers and their Cooperating Teachers
Devon Blake Chemistry and Biochemistry Barry Willardson Phosducin-like Protein 1 (PhLP1) helps mediate the assembly of the G?? dimer in photoreceptors
Joel Denning Computer Science Dennis Ng The Readability Level Problem: An Alternative to Dependence on Book Content
Blaine M. Harker Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Autocorrelation analysis of military jet aircraft noise
Pankaj Aggarwal Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee Characterization of Organic Monoliths using 3-D Scanning Electron Microscopy for Improved Chromatographic Efficiency
Jie Xuan Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee Size-selective Trapping of Bioparticles Using Planar Nanofluidic Devices
Jeff Valenza Geological Sciences Ron Harris A Look inside the Mantle: WRGC of exposed ultramafic rocks from the Banda Arc-Continent collision, Timor
Kyle Miller Physics and Astronomy John Colton Control of Equipment through Object Oriented Programming
Alexandra Ahern Geological Sciences Brooks Britt Fish and swimming reptiles: ichnofauna of the basal Mahogany Member of the Triassic Ankareh Formation in central Utah
Colin Montague Statistics Gil Fellingham Fatigue and Serve Percentage in Tennis
Philip White Physics and Astronomy John Colton Photoluminescence Lifetimes in Cadmium Telluride
Ryan Cheatham Computer Science William Barrett Virtual Pedigree – Assisting Genealogists Everywhere
Chace Ashcraft Mathematics Lennard Bakker Generalizing the rule for the inverse of a 2x2 matrix… Can it be done?
Kristen Adams Mathematics Education Dan Siebert The Effect of Students’ Mathematical Beliefs on Knowledge Transfer
Joseph Park Computer Science David Embley Extracting and Organizing Facts of Interest from OCRed Historical Documents
Jeffrey Hendricks Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Spectral Stability of Combustion Waves: Weak Detonations
Suresh Kumar Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley Fabrication of Planar Nanofluidic Devices and Their Application in Bioanalysis
Enoch Lambert Physics and Astronomy Dallin Durfee Mode Stabilization of Frequency-locked Diode Lasers
Eric Gibbs Physics and Astronomy Branton Campbell Magnetic Symmetry Mode Analysis
Brian Holt Statistics Dennis Tolley Models for GC/MS Classification and Biomarker Identification
Zhiwei Ma Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Towards the total synthesis of Yaku\'amide A
Devin Francom Statistics Shane Reese Calibrating the LFM-MIX computer model
Devin Gerrard Mathematics Michael Dorff Harmonic Univalent Functions and Convolutions
Stephen Rollins Computer Science Christophe Giraud-Carrier Finding Event-Related Tweets on Twitter to Reconstruct Real-World Events
Shawn Averett Chemistry and Biochemistry James Patterson Spectroscopic Investigation of Polymer Crystalization
Nick Martineau Statistics Gil Fellingham APBRmetrics
Brandon Wilson Mathematics Gary Lawlor Combining Optimal Control Theory and General Relativity
Oscar Petrucci Chemistry and Biochemistry Richard Watt A broad range of monodispersed, biocompatible, or catalytically active gold nanoparticles from ferritin photochemistry
Bradley Naylor Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Improvements to Base Free Aminohydroxylation
Richard Payne Statistics David Dahl More flexible regime-switching through a distance-based random partition model
Megan Denison Statistics Shannon Neeley-Tass Spatial Analysis of Surface Lineations of Io
Michael Muhlestein Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Time-domain effects of rigid-sphere scattering on acoustic shocks
Chace McNeil Statistics David Engler Modeling income using the Dagum distribution
Shin-Young Jung Computer Science Mike Goodrich Shaping Swarms through Coordinated Mediation
Brandon Barney Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Austin A Novel Planar Image Charge Detector: Characterizing Sensitivity and Accuracy
Debolina Chatterjee Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley Flow-valve microfluidic devices for simple, detectorless and label-free analyte quantitation
Joel Johansen Geological Sciences Barry Bickmore Predicting molecular distortions using an extension of the vectorial bond-valence model
Junting Wang Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Austin Miniaturized Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap Mass Analyzer
Jessica Williams Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Spatial and temporal isotopic patterns across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide from new snowpits and firn cores
Paul Bodily Computer Science Mark Clement Bipartite Classification of Node Traversal in Weighted Bidirected Scaffold Graphs
Chloe Skidmore Geological Sciences Eric Christiansen Exploring connections between very large volume ignimbrites and intracaldera plutons: Intrusions related to the Wah Wah Springs tuff
Tianyi Yang Mathematics Wayne Barrett The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Small Connected Graphs
Emma Hoggan Mathematics Lennard Bakker Symbolic Dynamics for the Rhomboidal Symmetric-Mass Orbit
Marcus Holden Physics and Astronomy J. Ward Moody The Periodicity of Mrk 501
Trevor Smith Chemistry and Biochemistry Richard Watt Modulating photo-electric band-gap with Ferritin
Kevin Black Computer Science Eric Ringger Visualizing Topics as Concept Maps
Jordan Johns Statistics Natalie Blades Modeling Stock Prices Using the Levy Distribution
Joshua Bodon Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Radiation of finite-amplitude waves from a baffled pipe
Dustin Harding Statistics Bruce Schaalje Plotting Chiastic Patterns throughout the Book of Mormon
David Reber Mathematics Wayne Barrett Determining Minimum Rank from the Nonzero Pattern of a Matrix
David Coats Statistics Bruce Schaalje Analyzing Economic Sentiment in General Conference Addresses Using Inverse Regression
Natasha Stander Computer Science Mark Clement Heterozygous Genome Display
Jeremiah Robinson Geological Sciences Greg Carling The fate of dust-derived trace elements after deposition to Wasatch Mountain snowpack
Jonathan Wagner Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Rock glacier inventory of the La Sal Range with proposed inventory methods
Cole Lyman Computer Science Mark Clement Suffix Trees in Computational Biology
Thomas Brown Statistics Bruce Schaalje The Most Popular Words by Prophets in Last 95 Years
Dan Halterman Statistics Gil Fellingham Modeling NFL Playoff Probabilities
Preston Redd Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Modeling Demand using Poisson Processes
Darren McAffee Chemistry and Biochemistry Matt Asplund Time-resolved dynamics of the Pauson-Khand reaction
Sara Pratt Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Austin Electrospray Ionization of Bacteria
Hitokazu Matsushita Computer Science Eric Ringger Discovering Bilingual Topics in Parallel Texts
Nick Jensen Mathematics Jasbir Chahal Constructing Graphs with Maximal Closure
Kevin Childers Mathematics Darrin Doud Degree 6 number fields ramified at 1 prime
Nathan Gundlach Physics and Astronomy Justin Peatross Simulation of a Dirac Electron in a High-Intensity Laser Field
William Cocke Mathematics Darrin Doud Calculating Arithmetic Cohomology
Conner Harper Chemistry and Biochemistry David V. Dearden Infrared Multi-photon Dissociation of n-alkyldiamines in the Gas Phase
Kailie Dean Mathematics Education Blake Peterson Inconsistencies between Mathematical Language and English Language in Linear Equations
Rebecca Roberts Mathematics Education Dawn Teuscher Policy change in the Common Core
Caleb Coburn Physics and Astronomy Michael Ware Characterizing Single Electron Radiation in an Intense Laser Field
Trevor Stout Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Acoustic Intensity in Military Jet Noise Field Characterization
Kerissa Poulson Statistics Dennis Tolley Pioneer Mortality Project
Prashanna Simkhada Physics and Astronomy Jean-Francois Van Huele Can Teleportation Survive an Encounter with a Cheshire Cat?
Tyler Morwood Mathematics Education Dawn Teuscher Accelerating pre-service teachers implementation of teaching practices
Courtney Britsch Chemistry and Biochemistry John Lamb Preconcentration and separation of Cu2 through high performance chelation ion chromatography
Catherine Billings Mathematics Jasbir Chahal Studying Graphs Through Their Adjacency Matrices
Stephen Scott Mathematics Education Keith Leatham Undergraduate Student\'s Understanding of Independent and Dependent Variables
Aleena Mosher Statistics Natalie Blades Nuclear System Lower Confidence Bound Reliability Estimation
Jessica Higgs Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Austin Simulation of Ion Motion in Toroidal Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers
Vasu Chetty Computer Science Sean Warnick Dynamical Structure Function Identifiability Conditions Enabling Signal Structure Reconstruction
Ethan Cook Geological Sciences Eric Christiansen Geochemical and Age Correlations between the Moroni Formation and the East Tintic Mountains
Scott Burton Computer Science Christophe Giraud-Carrier Implications of No Free Lunch For Community Mining
Alan T. Wall Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Acoustical Imaging of High-power Jet Noise Fields Using Holographic Methods
Brittany Spencer Statistics Shane Reese A Model for the Classification of Supernova
Andrew McNabb Computer Science Kevin Seppi Asynchronous MapReduce for Iterative Parallel Programs
Ashley Burgess Mathematics Education Dan Siebert Why students might not value small group and whole class discussions.
Samantha Smiley Mathematics John Dallon Dictyostelium discoideum Slugs
Soyoung Jung Physics and Astronomy Manuel Berrondo Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert Model and Ferromagnetic Pattern Formation
Tyler Owens Mathematics Darrin Doud Resolvents of Degree Six Polynomials
Yu Hu Mathematics Kenning Lu American spread option pricing
Joseph Rino Mathematics Education Steve Williams An Instrument to Measure Beliefs of Mathematics Teacher Educators
Matthew Romney Mathematics Michael Dorff Computing Convolutions of Harmonic Mappings
Kun Liu Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee Effect of C6 Groups with Different Structures in Monoliths Prepared from Hexanediol Dimethacrylates/Diacrylates for Separation of Small Molecules
Yanping Cai Physics and Astronomy Karine Chesnel Magnetic order and fluctuations of Fe3O4 nanoparticle assemblies
David Hedges Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Kir2.1 as a Molecular Target of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Joseph Cardon Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Ligand Accelerated Osmium Catalyzed Asymmetric Aminohydroxylation of Tri-substituted Alkenes
Nathan Sandholtz Statistics Candace Berrett Sea Level Rise on the East Coast: Assessing NOAA prediction
Sambhav Kumbhani Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen Effects of water vapor on the self-reaction of hydroxyethyl peroxy radical, a computational study
Emily Ranquist Physics and Astronomy Denise Stephens Innovations for Exoplanet Data Acquisition
John Gardiner Physics and Astronomy Jean-Francois Van Huele Elementary Quantum Operations
Matthew Zachreson Physics and Astronomy Ross Spencer Comparing Theory and Experiment for Analyte Transport in the First Vacuum Stage of the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
Jared Price Computer Science Mark Clement Haplotype sorting of DNA reads in highly polymorphic samples
Bhupinder Singh Chemistry and Biochemistry Matt Linford Application of Nanodiamond-Containing Core-Shell Particles in the Chromatographic Separation of Acidic Herbicides
Joshua Hanson Chemistry and Biochemistry James Patterson Construction and Destruction of Crystallinity in Polymers via Axial Strain
Taylor Canann Mathematics Rodney Forcade Local minima in lattice-simplex coverings: New results and Conjectures
Sara Mata Chemistry and Biochemistry Paul Savage Synthesis and biological Evaluation of novel TLR2/6 Ligands
Megan Decker Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh Paterae on Io: Geologic Mapping and Experimental Models
Jennifer Lund Physics and Astronomy Tim Leishman Room Acoustics Models and Auralizations for Musical Instruments
Rui Yang Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley On-chip analysis of protein biomarkers using monolithic columns
Eric Walters Mathematics Jessica Purcell Locating the boundary between discrete and indiscrete space for a specific group of Möbius transformations
Scott Greenhalgh Geological Sciences John McBride 3D Seismic interpretation and evaluation of mechanism(s) that cause along-strike change in vergence of thrust faults in the Green River Basin of southwestern Wyoming, Birch Creek Seismic Survey.
David Ludlow Physics and Astronomy Keith Leatham Eliminating Algebra Mistakes in Physics Homework with the Math Drag\'n Application
Austin Hannemann Mathematics Rodney Forcade The search for minimum density in lattice-simplex coverings.
Bryan Whiting Statistics Dennis Tolley Poisson variability in serial dilution studies.
Eric Noonan Computer Science Eric Mercer Slice and Dice Algorithm Implementation in JPF
Nickolas Callor Mathematics Greg Conner Combinatorial Gauss Bonnet
Rebecca Dorff Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Modeling Infertility with Markov
Jeshua Mortensen Physics and Astronomy Tim Leishman Numerical Modeling of the Platonic Solid Loudspeaker Arrays
Nicole Quist Physics and Astronomy John Ellsworth LGB Time of Flight Facility
Nozomu Okuda Computer Science Mark Clement HapMaker: Synthetic Haplotype Generator
Brendan Coutu Chemistry and Biochemistry John Prince Resolving the Mechanism of Metastatic Kidney Cancer Progression Through MS Lipidomics
Jared Webb Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Topics Over Age: A Data Driven Health Cost Prediction Model
Caroline Tew Computer Science Christophe Giraud-Carrier Social Moms and Health: A Multi-platform Analysis of Mommy Communities
Tori Kinard Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Synthesis of Rimantadine Thiol
Colby Hazard Geological Sciences John McBride Study of Pleistocene Limestone Sedimentary Environments Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Peter Lindes Computer Science David Embley Using Language to Find Genealogy Facts
Sean Kerman Computer Science Mike Goodrich Methods and Metrics for Human Interaction with Bio-Inspired Swarms
Anthony Peterson Chemistry and Biochemistry Steven Goates Probing Analyte Adsorption to C18 Stationary Phase With SHG
Grayson Tarbox Physics and Astronomy Justin Peatross Modeling Photoemission by Electrons in a High Intensity Laser Focus
Tayyebeh Panahi Chemistry and Biochemistry Roger Harrison Synthesis of deep chiral resorcinarene cavitands and their application in chiral recognition, separation and ion chromatography
Bradley Bishop Geological Sciences Tom Morris Subsurface Isopach Maps for CO2 Sequestration: Woodside Field, East-central Utah
Xiaofeng Xie Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee High Flow Air Sampling System for GC-MS Analysis of Airborne Pollutants
Jonathan Wright Chemistry and Biochemistry Paul B. Farnsworth The Effects of Added Hydrogen on a Helium Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet Ambient Desorption/Ionization Source
Lance Moses Chemistry and Biochemistry Paul B. Farnsworth Fluorescence Imaging of Analyte Profiles in an Inductively Coupled Plasma with Laser Ablation as a Sample Introduction Source
Kat Robertson Geological Sciences Barry Bickmore Molecular Modeling using the Bond Valence Model
Kelsey Hatch Physics and Astronomy Karine Chesnel Magnetic Domain Morphology in Cobalt Platinum Thin Films
Jane Tanner Physics and Astronomy John Colton Is your glass sheet flat enough?
Ariana Hedges Statistics David Engler Assessment of Ordinal Transitional Data in Multiple Sclerosis Through Bayesian Hierarchical Poisson Models with a Hidden Markov Structure
Daniel Fullmer Computer Science Sean Warnick Press Sheet Optimization for Open Loop Control of Industrial Scale Gang-Run Printing
Nicole Malloy Mathematics Wayne Barrett Diagonal Restrictions in Minimum Rank Matrices
Zachary Jensen Physics and Astronomy Scott Sommerfeldt Insertion Loss of Acoustic Enclosures
Joshua Lytle Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Computing the Evans function via numerical continuation
Matthew McArthur Physics and Astronomy Larry Rees Monte Carlo Neutral Particle code validation using a shielded Cf source
Lindsay Merrill Mathematics Education Dan Siebert English Language Learners’ use of Non-Language Semiotic Sign Systems in Mathematical Discourse
Elisabeth Gates Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley DNA Origami Templates for Nanoscale Electronic Circuits
Paula Prestwich Mathematics Education Doug Corey Study of Finnish School System
Jintao Jiang Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Castle Synthetic Methodologies for the Total Synthesis of Yaku’amide A
Cody Petrie Physics and Astronomy Steve Turley Comparing EUV Reflection Measurements to Other Established Methods to Determine Thin Film Roughness
Jared Forsyth Computer Science Kevin Seppi Topical Guide
Matthew Whited Chemistry and Biochemistry Joshua Andersen Sirt1-mediated suppression of cell death in breast cancer
RJ Crandall Computer Science Kent Seamons Beware of Evil Twins
Nicholai Christensen Computer Science Sean Warnick Exploring the Inherent Memory Interval of Tetris-like Systems
Alan Atherton Computer Science Mike Goodrich Expressivity: Rapid Robot Animation for Clinicians
William Rankin Chemistry and Biochemistry Roger Harrison Formation of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures into Hexagonal Prisms
Daniel Brown Computer Science Mike Goodrich Toward Scalable Human Interaction with Bio-inspired Robot Teams
Joel Johansen Geological Sciences Greg Carling Elemental trends along the Provo River and the effect of Jordanelle and Deer Creek reservoirs
Tyler Park Physics and Astronomy John Colton Characterizing epitaxially-grown InGaAs quantum dot chains using transmission electron microscopy
Maryam khosravi Chemistry and Biochemistry Brian Woodfield Synthesis of thermally stable Al2O3 catalyst supports
Sonika Sharma Chemistry and Biochemistry Milt Lee Hand-portable UV-absorption Detector for Liquid Chromatography
Taylor Cline Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen Water Vapor Enhancement of Beta-Hydroxy EthylPeroxy Self-Reaction
Yu Huang Computer Science Eric Mercer Proving MCAPI Executions are Correct
Andrew Brock Statistics Gil Fellingham Modeling Wind Speed with the Rayleigh Distribution
Jeffrey Adams Mathematics John Dallon The Mechanical Implications of Simulating Punching a Hole in a Collagen Lattice when the Lattice is Stretched to a Steady State
Komal Kedia Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Graves Human placental proteomics
Seth Van Orden Physics and Astronomy Harold Stokes ISOSUBGROUP: A Web Resource For Generating Isotropy Subgroups of Crystallographic Space Groups
Kesler Tanner Computer Science Christophe Giraud-Carrier Applying Data Mining to Create Smart Desktop Assistants in Excel
Kendrick Shepherd Geological Sciences Barry Bickmore The Valence Quadrupole Moment
Michele Zabriskie Chemistry and Biochemistry Emily Bates Blocking Kir2.1 Ion Channel as Potential Cancer Therapy
Tae Woo Kim Computer Science David Embley Regular-expression generator
Brandon Singleton Mathematics Education Dan Siebert A Content-based Classification of Mathematical Telling in the Context of Teacher Interventions with Collaborative Groups
Alyssa Meservy Computer Science Christophe Giraud-Carrier Using Self-Training to Predict Risk Factors for Suicide
Nathan Eyring Physics and Astronomy Tim Leishman A Listener Training Program for Subjective Evaluation of Acoustic Signals
Brantley Scott Statistics John Lawson Definitive Screening
Pegah Aslani Physics and Astronomy Scott Sommerfeldt Acoustic Radiation Mode Shapes of a Cylindrical Shell
Ted Gilbert Mathematics Education Doug Corey Obstacles to and Reflections on Implementing High-Quality Mathematics Instruction
Vinh Dang Mathematics Jessica Purcell Extreme Coefficients of Jones Polynomials
Nathan Woodbury Computer Science Sean Warnick Vulnerability Analysis of Feedback Systems
Philip Pare Computer Science Sean Warnick The Information Cost of State Realization
Joshua Flores Geological Sciences John McBride Integrated Seismic Study of Weathering in Hawaiian Volcanic Flows
Yuanzheng Song Computer Science Kent Seamons Clueless Johnny: Why Transparent Encryption Leads to Confusion and Mistakes
John Shumway Mathematics John Dallon Modeling the Behavior of Glioblastoma Multiforme
Adam Johanson Physics and Astronomy Victor Migenes A Search for Masers Toward YSO Candidates in LMC
Joseph Rowley Physics and Astronomy Robert Davis Reactively Sputtered Hydrogenated sp2 Carbon Thin Films as a Gas Barrier Layer
Ryan Paxman Chemistry and Biochemistry Joshua Price Elucidation of the Mechanism of Stabilization of the WW Domain by PEG
Jonathan Schuler Physics and Astronomy David Allred Hollow Cathode EUV light source
Madeline Meng Statistics David Engler Modeling Average Retail Price of Electricity
Jared Hancock Chemistry and Biochemistry Roger Harrison Analysis of the Formation of ZnO Hexagonal Prisms
Holly Stewart Physics and Astronomy Steve Turley Surface Roughness of Thin Uranium Oxide Films
Mary Lyon Physics and Astronomy Scott Bergeson Achieving greater strong coupling in an ultracold neutral Ca2 plasma
Stephen Rupper Physics and Astronomy Scott Bergeson Neutral Plasmas at Room Temperature
Spencer Lindeman Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen TiO2-Catalyzed Photodegradation of Lignin to Facilitate Biogas Production by Anaerobic Digestion
Drake Ranquist Physics and Astronomy Victor Migenes Asymmetric Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Corona: Simulation vs. Observation
Karl Arnold Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh Sand Area and Volume Estimates on Saturn\'s Moon Titan from Cassini SAR, HiSAR, and ISS
Gideon Logan Chemistry and Biochemistry Dan Simmons Co-localization of COX-3 and Nuc in CHO cells
Elham Vaziripour Computer Science Daniel Zappala Twitter as a frame for Political Sentiment Analysis in the Middle East
Timothy Goodsell Geological Sciences Greg Carling Groundwater flow in closed-basin playas: an investigation of Pilot Valley playa, near Wendover, UT-NV
Charles Andros Geological Sciences Barry Bickmore Understanding the origin of “specular” hematite on Mars: a molecular mechanics solution
Anupriya Anupriya Chemistry and Biochemistry David V. Dearden Cross Sectional Areas of Cucurbituril Complexes by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance
Yung Ping Chang Physics and Astronomy D.J. Lee Finger Tracking for Hand-held Device Interface Using Profile-matching Stereo Vision
Jack Fuller Chemistry and Biochemistry Matt Peterson Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor 1b
Zach Bradshaw Statistics Gil Fellingham Modeling Wins in the NBA
Brittany England Chemistry and Biochemistry Eric Sevy Low ?E Measurements of N2O Collisions with Pyrazine
Chuck Honick Physics and Astronomy Victor Migenes The advancement of radio astronomy at BYU
David Brandt Computer Science Mike Jones Using HMD\\\'s to Improve Deaf Education
Masaki Fujimoto Computer Science Mark Clement Effects of Error-Correction on Highly Polymorphic Next-Generation Sequencing Data
David Hampton Computer Science Mike Jones American Sign Language Instructions through Head-Mounted Display
Joshua Marx Physics and Astronomy Steve Turley Upgrading a M44 Ellipsometer
Sabrina Bailey Computer Science Chuck Knutson How Conway\'s Law Has Been Interpreted In The Last Ten Years
Laura Riley Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Spatial and temporal variations of solutes across the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide
Josh Maurer Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Multi-decadal mass balance of glaciers in the Bhutan Himalayas derived from digital elevation models
Sam Dittmer Mathematics Pace Nielsen Strongly Pi-Regular Rings and Related Concepts
Kolby Gadd Mathematics Education Doug Corey The Influence of MKT on Instruction
John Smith Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh An Experimental Model of Patera Formation on Io
James Schwab Physics and Astronomy David Allred Mechanisms for the Anomalous Expansion of Y2O3 thin films
Benjamin Christensen Physics and Astronomy Kent Gee Application of a phase-gradient method for calculating acoustic intensity to rocket noise fields.
Paul Cropper Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen Development of a GC-MS monitor for in-field detection of semi-volatile organic compounds
Ty Beus Physics and Astronomy Manuel Berrondo Quantum Dynamics using Algebraic Properties of Operators
Tyler Goodell Geological Sciences Barry Bickmore Valence Quadrupole Moment: Modeling Spatial Distribution of Bonds
Rachel Dunn Geological Sciences Ron Harris Historical Record Tsunami Inundation (1629 – 2010) Maps: Maluku Region, Indonesia
Katherine Redd Chemistry and Biochemistry Merritt B. Andrus Selectivity of Cinchonine versus Cinchonidine Phase Transfer Catalysts
Brian James Physics and Astronomy Larry Rees Analysis of Cadmium Based Neutron Detector Configurations
Tanner Mills Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh Ongoing Measurements of Dune Width and Spacing on Titan Reveal Dune Field Properties
Jorge Jimenez Physics and Astronomy Bret Hess Reducing Scan Time by Under-sample K-Space in MRI
William Keeton Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen Source Apportionment Study of Pollution in Los Angeles Basin
Brian Bingham Chemistry and Biochemistry Merritt B. Andrus Synthesis and testing of computer-designed mimics of (-)-englerin A
Karen Yupanqui Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley On–chip preconcentration and separation of amino acids and proteins using microfluidics devices
Kevin Bauer Computer Science William Barrett Computer-Assisted Document Waypointing
Spencer Clark Computer Science Mike Goodrich A Hierarchical Flight Planner for Sensor-Driven UAV Missions
Ryan Saltzgiver Geological Sciences John McBride The Application of Geophysical Remote Sensing to Assessing the Archaeological Potential of Mormon Historical Sites: Some Examples from Nauvoo and Thoughts for the Future
Anthony Hall Computer Science Mike Jones Fast Simulation of Elastic Deformation using the Pseudo-Rigid-Body Model
Carolyn Ryan Geological Sciences Steve Nelson Correlation of Seismic Data with Core Samples from Thousand Lake Mountain Landslide
Durban Keeler Geological Sciences Summer Rupper An improved temperature index model for alpine glaciers
Audrey Warren Geological Sciences Ron Harris Modeling Indonesian Tsunami for Disaster Mitigation
Andrew Mathis Chemistry and Biochemistry John Prince Optimizing Sample Preparation and Mass Spectral Analysis for Complex Yeast Phosphoproteomics
Molly Clemens Chemistry and Biochemistry Barry Willardson Role of phosducin-like protein 1 (PhLP1) in mLST8 folding and mTOR complex assembly
Chad Rogers Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley Microfluidic Valves Utilizing Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate
Sara Ehlert Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Dynamically Modeling Individual Healthcare Costs
Michelle Spencer Physics and Astronomy Mike Joner Photometry of Supernovae
Anubhav Diwan Chemistry and Biochemistry Matt Linford Superhydrophobic Surfaces Prepared by Aggregation of Silica during Urea Formaldehyde In Situ Polymerization
Chad Jones Chemistry and Biochemistry David V. Dearden Influence of Excitation Sweep Direction on Detection of Non-covalent Complex Ions Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Ryan Smith Geological Sciences Summer Rupper Identifying High-Risk Flood Scenarios in the Bhutanese Himalayas
Jayson Pagaduan Chemistry and Biochemistry Adam Woolley Separation of Antigen-Antibody Complex in Microfluidic Devices
Adrienne Smith Physics and Astronomy Justin Peatross Beta-Decay Rate Measurements to Assess a Possible Solar Connection
David Broadbent Chemistry and Biochemistry Joshua Andersen Targeting Apoptotic Pathways to Enhance Chemosensitivity in Breast Cancer
Daniel Dowler Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Bounding the Norm of Matrix Powers
Paul Chidsey Chemistry and Biochemistry Steve Graves Mass Spectrometry: A Proteomic Approach for Characterizing Disease Related Biomarkers
Samuel Elmer Chemistry and Biochemistry Daniel Austin Methods for accurate Image Charge Detector Calibration
Lauren Noorda Geological Sciences Ron Harris Saving Souls in Sumatra: Using Historical Records of Earthquake and Tsunami Events from the 1600s to the Present to Forecast Future Events and Empower Those in Harm’s Way
Brent Reichman Physics and Astronomy Scott Sommerfeldt The Snoring Problem: Attenuation Through Active Noise Control
Nirdosh Chapagain Physics and Astronomy Larry Rees Transit-time mapping of Photomultiplier tubes
Matthew Webb Mathematics Jeff Humpherys Measuring Accuracy in Multiple Distribution Models with Sparse Data
Greg Sutherland Physics and Astronomy Richard Vanfleet Characterization of NiPt, FePt and NiFePt Nanoparticles
Alex Safsten Physics and Astronomy Karine Chesnel Numerical Methods for Magnetic Speckle Analysis
Rebecca Johnston Geological Sciences Jani Radebaugh Crater Chains on Rhea
Brad Bishop Geological Sciences Ron Harris Constraning Earthquake Recurrence by combining historical records of earthquake and tsunami events with GPS strain measurements; Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
John Sinkovic Mathematics Wayne Barrett Graphs with Critical Vertex Ranking
Pryce Nelson Mathematics Education Dawn Teuscher Students, Teacher, and Curriculum an understanding through assesment
Catalina Matias Chemistry and Biochemistry Richard Watt Preventing Iron from joining the Dark Side
Matthew Groesbeck Physics and Astronomy Michael Ware Variations in Beta-Decay Rates Correlated with annual variations in the Earth-Sun Distance
Ezra Silva Chemistry and Biochemistry Jaron C. Hansen Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)-assisted photocatalytic degredation of Lignin