Abstract by Matthew Dickson

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Matthew Dickson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Brian Woodfield


A new method for studying carbon dioxide absorption through heat capacity measurements


Finding effective gas-absorbing materials is important for a variety of applications, from controlling CO2 emissions to developing fuel cell. Heat capacity measurements are an ideal tool for studying the driving energetics behind absorption-induced structural changes. Unfortunately, such measurements must be performed in a vacuum, which means that a gas cannot be present. As a result, heat capacity measurements have previously not been useful for studying interactions between a solid and a pressurized gas. To address this problem, we have developed a method for sealing gas-absorbing powders in an ultralight pressurizing cell. Using this new technique, we have explored carbon dioxide absorption in a promising metal-organic framework called ZIF-8. The results reveal a major absorption-induced transition. This method will be important in the search for specialized gas absorbers in a variety of fields.