Abstract by Grace McKay

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Grace McKay

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Physics and Astronomy

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Tracianne Neilsen


Seismo Acoustic Coupling


Volcanos radiate acoustic and seismic vibrations. Coupling the two helps us better understand and predict critical eruption characteristics. The Buffalo Geohazards workshop used scaled explosions to mimic these volcanic eruptions. Many different areas of geology were explored at this workshop which allowed a lot of collaboration between the different fields of study. We had a linear array of microphones set up to measure the attenuation and absorption of the acoustic waves starting at three meters and going all the way to two hundred fifty meters. At each point along the line there was an infrasound sensor, seismic sensor, ground mic, and a mic at four meter. So far in our analysis the coupling is evident across all heights and the acoustic data is actually more precise than the seismic data. We want to continue to analyze what we’ve gathered and see what changes are caused by the order of the exploding charges.