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Nia Colver

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Scott Grimshaw


Are the Grammys Finally Recognizing “All The Stars” That They Should, or Are Some Grammy Categories Still “The Joke” of the Music Industry?


The Grammy Awards, presented by the Recording Academy, are universally recognized throughout the global music industry as the highest appraisal of musical achievement during the given year. However, in recent years, the Academy has been the topic of much controversy because of its method of awarding artists, specifically pertaining to the eligibility of musical artists in each category. Each song nominated for a Grammy possesses certain summary characteristics that quantify aspects of the song, including low-level and high-level data. Low-level data explains more obvious, recognizable traits such as key, chords, and beats per minute while high-level data presents song traits which are elusive to most listeners, such as tonality, timbre, mood, and genre. Formation of the dataset involved intensive manual data collection, which required musical expertise and Grammys familiarity, and writing an API to extract JSON files. With regards to the controversy on the Grammys’ category screening process, unsupervised learning via cluster analysis suggests alternative categories for Grammy nominees that are defined by the data.