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Tia Misuraca

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Geological Sciences

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Greg Carling


Levels of Phosphorus in Farmington Bay Ice Core Related to Harmful Algal Blooms


Human activity in the regions of water bodies is impacting the ecological balance of these aquatic systems. Lacustrine settings keep an accurate log of environmental change from the sediment accumulating at a constant rate. This study examines the high levels of phosphorus (P) and other ions from two freeze cores from the freshwater arm of The Great Salt Lake, Farmington Bay. High levels of P in this area have contributed to harmful algal blooms. The two freeze cores of Farmington Bay show that P is enriched near the top of the 35 cm cores and could be consequence of human activity in the bay. Lead dating of the core allows for correlation between the core depth and P concentration to compare with records of human activity in the area. This process preserves the pore water and allows accurate measurements. Utah Lake, also a body of freshwater, is similarly experiencing harmful algal blooms due to high P levels. Further work is needed to accurately compare the levels of P in Utah Lake to Farmington Bay.