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Dallin Lowder

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Shenglou Deng

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Paul Savage


Vaccine Targeting Pneumonia Disease, Glycolipid Synthesis


Due to the continuous mutation of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, many older vaccines gradually lose efficacy, making the continuous development of functional vaccines an urgent need. We have shown that a conjugate of bacterial polysaccharide antigen and glycolipid elicits a robust immune response without the use of a traditional protein carrier or external adjuvant. Based on this finding, we propose NKT cell stimulating glycolipid conjugate vaccines represent a more effective immunization for pneumonia disease caused by S. pneumoniae. One of these glycolipid conjugate vaccines we have developed is sero-3. This conjugate compound has been synthesized in low amounts (20-50mg) in the lab but higher quantities are needed for testing in animal models. I am almost complete with synthesis of a high quantity of sero-3 (1-2g) that will be the main source for animal experiments.