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James Otani

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Matthew Linford


Improving SPME (Solid Phase Microextraction) Through the Study of Films


SPME (solid phase micro extraction) is a sample preparation technique used in various chromatography methods to identify various analytes. SPME fibers are used in sampling and have various coatings such as PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) which help with extraction of the analyte. These SPME fibers coated with PDMS are commercially available but have several deficiencies such as low stability, fragility, and a short life time (making them less economical); we are testing potential film alternatives to make the fibers more stable and economical. Vapor phase deposition is a commonly used method to deposit thin films. In our study of films, we deposit 6-phenylhexyltrichlorosilane onto piranha cleaned silicon shards. Our goal is to create an optimized method of depositing this silane onto our shards, which will help us create a reproducible method in depositing the film onto fibers. We measure the films using spectroscopic ellipsometry and water contact angle goniometry, which analyze the thickness and hydrophobicity of the film.