Abstract by Nathaniel Wells

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Nathaniel Wells

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Scott Sommerfeldt
Jonathon Blotter

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Physics and Astronomy

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Scott Sommerfeldt


Initial results in designing an acoustic sound simulator for heavy equipment


Sound quality and other acoustical features can be hard to predict and control in the design process of heavy equipment. A physics based sound simulator would allow for engineers to make structural modifications and predict changes in sound quality and acoustical response earlier in the design process. To begin to understand and implement this simulator, transfer functions were measured for several structures progressing from simple to complex and used to generate a simulated signal. Post-processing techniques were used to improve the overall quality of the simulated responses. Similarly, the structures were recreated in a numerical software package, where the transfer functions were calculated numerically and used to generate simulated responses. These signals were compared to the measured response of the system and auralized to determine the effectiveness of the simulation.