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Micah Scholes

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Garritt Page


Player Movement in European Basketball Leagues


European professional basketball is much different than its American counterpart. It is comprised of many different leagues, ranging in skill level as opposed to one single association comprised of similarly-talented teams. Within Europe, players tend to change leagues over time, particularly move from lower-skilled leagues to higher-skilled leagues. The goal of this study is to identify players currently in lower-tier leagues who are most likely to move up the ranks to the higher-tier leagues. We build a predictive model using logistic regression that identifies key traits that impact player movement between leagues using box score stats collected in their games. Given a player moves to the highest-skilled league, another predictive model was made to estimate a player’s probability of having success in the higher league. After building the models, cross validation proved that these models were accurate. These models are useful for identifying players currently in lower leagues who have a high probability of succeeding in the higher ones for the purpose of player progression and negotiating their contracts.