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Damyn Chipman

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Physics and Astronomy

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David Neilsen


Modeling of Fluid Systems Through a Mesh-Free Approach


Computational models that describe physical systems such as fluids are essential in the design process. Often, these models are used in optimization routines to determine the optimal parameters for a given setup. However, many current models are computationally taxing and optimization of Eulerian, or mesh-based, methods is infeasible. Our approach is to use Lagrangian methods, which are mesh-less methods. The Vortex Particle Method (VPM) is a Lagrangian formulation of the vorticity form of the Navier-Stokes (NS) equations. While the VPM is capable of solving the NS equations in a field, boundary conditions must be imposed separately. The purpose of this presentation is to present our approach to introducing boundary information through the calculation of a vortex sheet on a surface required to induce the no-slip boundary condition. The resulting vorticity is then introduced to the vorticity field through the solution of a diffusion equation. This Vortex Sheet Boundary (VSB) method is presented, verified, and applied for airfoil analysis.