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Jarrod Hansen


Steven Grossen
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Steven Grossen
Andreas Grossen
Daniel McPherson
Kameron Christensen
Matt Christian

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Physics and Astronomy

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David Allred


An Evaluation of a Variety of Astrophysical, Biochemical and Biomedical Experiments to be Performed on a Lunar Space Station


In response to NASA’s 2019 RASC-AL competition, our multidisciplinary, student-run team at Brigham Young University has devised several critical experiments that could be transported in a logistics module to a proposed NASA cis-lunar station (Gateway). We are proposing experiments that utilize the breadth of the team’s majors including astrophysics, biology, chemistry and engineering. We plan to study the synergistic effects of microgravity and ionizing radiation on DNA damage and repair using fluorescent-tagged DNA repair proteins in yeast cells. We also will examine radiation effects on apoptosis rates in C. elegans, as well as conducting a multi-generational study on bone density in medaka fish. Upon completion of the module’s mission, it will be sent into a collision course with BZ509, an asteroid with a suspected interstellar origin, and deploy cubesats to determine its composition.