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Zachary Jones

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Michael Rose
Mark Anderson

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Physics and Astronomy

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Kent Gee
Scott Sommerfeldt


Noise Reduction of a Vacuum-Assisted Toilet Using a Variable-Speed Motor


Research involving the noise reduction for a vacuum-assisted toilet has been ongoing at BYU. Methods to reduce the overall radiated sound pressure level have included relaxing the bend-radius of the 90-degree pipe coming from the toilet bowl, as well as increasing the overall distance between the toilet bowl and the flush valve. These improvements have led to a significant reduction in the noise level associated with the opening valve event and some reduction in the noise level during the steady-state part of the flush. A further area that is currently being explored is the effect of the flush valve opening and closing speed on the overall sound pressure level. This presentation will discuss these efforts, and results will be presented regarding the possible noise reduction that may be achieved by varying the speed of the opening and closing of the flush valve during a flush.