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Micah Shelley

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Physics and Astronomy

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John Colton


RF Magnetron Sputtering of Arsenic Doped P-type Zinc Oxide


Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a wide band gap semiconductor (3.37 eV) with potential applications in optoelectronics and semiconductor technologies. However, due to native n-type defects, production of p-type material is difficult. In order to form stable p-type material we have deposited arsenic-doped ZnO thin films (~100 nm) by radio frequency magnetron sputtering a pressed ZnO target onto sapphire substrates coated with evaporated zinc arsenide (ZnAs). Annealing was employed to improve crystal quality. The thin film growth parameters studied were substrate temperature, time duration of sputtering, sputtering gas proportion, and radio frequency signal power. These parameters have been refined through characterization by x-ray diffraction techniques, photoluminescence measurements, Hall and Seebeck effect measurements, and ellipsometry. We will report the effects of the growth and annealing parameters on crystal quality and p-type properties of the thin films.