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Peter Crawford

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Gilbert Fellingham


Golf Analytics


Golf is often considered a “game of misses,” or in other words not every shot you hit will land directly in the hole. In order to improve your game, whether a beginner golfer or a Tour Professional, it is essential to understand your misses on the course (or where you tend to hit the golf ball). Data is the answer. Recently, the PGA Tour has gone to great lengths to collect relevant data for every single stroke taken by every single player in every single Tournament. Having this goldmine of data, a Tour Pro can instantly see where their personal weaknesses are on the course and what aspects of their game needs development.

The BYU Men's Golf Team is assembled of incredible golfers and, at first glance, these athletes do not have misses! It is through harnessing the power of data and consistently tracking their shots that we can start to see where their weaknesses are and focus our attention to make improvements.