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Abby Mangum

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Geological Sciences

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Ron Harris


Using Historical Documents to Assess Seismic Risk in Indonesia


Earthquakes and tsunamis are very real threats that plague Indonesia constantly. We can’t predict when an earthquake will strike, but we can forecast where it will hit and how intense it will be by using geological and historical data on how the earthquake source area has behaved in the past. Compiling a history of seismic events in a region requires a seismic rate and access to records that cover several centuries. Searching old journals, news and magazine articles, I’m compiling and translating historical accounts of earthquake events in Indonesia over the past hundred years. With this information I assign a Modified Mercalli Intensity to each quake and plot the locations using ARCGIS to analyze the patterns of these seismic events. Around 200 million people live in the areas of seismic risk in Indonesia. We hope to provide them with more information to minimize future casualties.