Abstract by Benjamin Proudfoot

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Benjamin Proudfoot

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Physics and Astronomy

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Darin Ragozzine


Identifying New Haumea Family Members


The dwarf planet Haumea, with a near-breakup spin, two regular satellites, and a compact collisional family present a challenge for collisional modeling. Hence, few self-consistent formation hypotheses have been proposed. In previous work, each hypothesis was thoroughly evaluated using the distribution of current Kuiper Belt Objects near the Haumea family and a Bayesian methodology. This work identified the need for further classification and identification of Haumea family members (“Haumeans”). Here, we will present progress on a pipeline that will be able to identify both resonant and non-resonant Haumeans, based purely on the proper elements of an object. This pipeline, after extensive testing, will provide extremely invaluable to future studies of new Haumeans, especially in light of the huge data influx from the upcoming LSST.