Abstract by Alexandra Thornock

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Alexandra Thornock

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Joshua Andersen


LIMD1 and Atg9 Interaction in Autophagy


Autophagy is a cell signaling pathway involved in chemo resistance that requires formation of autophagosome structures that gather cellular contents for lysosomal degradation. Atg9 is a central autophagy-promoting protein that transports structural membrane to autophagosomes for their expansion, and we have found that this translocation of Atg9 requires its interaction with the regulatory protein, 14-3-3. Our long-term objective is to fully understand the Atg9 pathway in autophagy. As our research has progressed, we have found that the scaffold protein, LIMD1, interacts with both Atg9 and 14-3-3 and thus may be involved in this pathway. We hypothesize that LIMD1 may regulate this 14-3-3 interaction with Atg9. This presentation will discuss data that supports this hypothesis and future experiments that will determine the role of LIMD1 in the Atg9 pathway of autophagy.