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Landon Fisher

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Matthew Linford


ToF-SIMS Analysis of Surface Hydroxyls on Multicomponent Display Glass Surfaces


Glass substrates are ubiquitous in today’s technology. They are often used in flat panel displays (FPD’s). This display glass  must meet demanding specifications in terms of its surface finish and composition. Glass substrates are  subject to chemical treatments that can alter their surface composition during FPD production. The surface composition, especially the number of hydroxyl groups present, plays a key role in determining surface properties of the glass, and hence, influences the quality and durability of  electronic devices. Better methodologies for measuring surface hydroxyls on planar substrates are needed to help display glass meet increasingly exacting surface requirements for FPD fabrication. In this presentation, we discuss ToF-SIMS as a method for measuring surface hydroxyls on low-surface area planar substrates, and address challenges to measurement, including accounting for the variable surface composition of the glass and understanding the influence of surface contamination on the measurements.