Abstract by Jacob Johnson

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Jacob Johnson

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Spencer Talbot
Zachary Broyles

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Denise Halverson


Modifications of Basic Stent and Zippered Tube Origami Patterns


Origami, or the art of folding paper, dates back to the sixth century.  However, fairly recent applications demonstrate how origami is no longer being used for strictly aesthetic purposes.  Engineering applications of origami range anywhere from a foldable kayak to a self folding robot.  Many of these designs incorporate components from established and commonly used folding patterns.  Often, the existing patterns are altered slightly before being applied to the design in order to better accommodate its desired function.  This research explores the design and analysis of possible modifications of two origami patterns that have been previously conceived for their use in the design of mechanisms: the stent and zippered tube patterns.  The aim of the research is to establish a thorough understanding of the patterns and provide enough detail so that engineering designers can create their own origami pattern that would fit a given set of design parameters.  Several examples of modifications and their resultant effects on the folded state of the origami patterns are demonstrated.