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Matt Hansen


Chris Rupp

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Chris Rupp

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Gilbert Fellingham


An Analysis of Women’s Basketball Offensive Efficiency


The purpose of this study was to quantify shooting efficiency relative to distance from the basket and number of dribbles immediately preceding the shot in women’s basketball.  We collected data from 15 games throughout the 2017-18 NCAA women’s basketball season from the following teams: Brigham Young, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Tennessee. We constructed and recorded shot makes and misses in a 5x3 table that had the number of dribbles (0,1,2,3,4+) down the rows and how far away from the basket (close, mid, far) across the columns. Close consisted of shots within 6 feet of the basket. Mid consisted of shots beyond 6 feet up to the three-point line, and far consisted of shots beyond the three-point line. We excluded desperation shots at the buzzer of each quarter. After collecting the data, we built a model that predicted the team field goal percentage for each region.  We found that some trends were similar for three of the teams: BYU, Connecticut, and Stanford, while Notre Dame and Tennessee showed different patterns.