Abstract by Brian Patchett

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Brian Patchett

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Physics and Astronomy

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Brian Anderson


Investigation of Shockwave Generation Using the Time Reversal Process


Hearing loss is the leading service-related disability reported by veterans in the United States. A major challenge to studying this type of hearing loss is that the means of high-amplitude signal generation, the use of explosive ordinance, is costly and requires time and resources that are not trivial. The aim of this research is to generate high amplitude shockwaves in a consistent, repeatable, and customizable way. Using high amplitude drivers and time reversal signal processing, a shockwave can be generated that has a specific spatial and temporal position with a specified amplitude. In addition, a previously unstudied physical phenomenon is present in the generation of these signals. As the input gain is increased to the drivers the response in the focus amplitude increases nonlinearly. Given the practical applications of this research, investigation into this nonlinear effect is worthy of additional investigation.