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Patrick Spencer

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Chris Fish
David Solomon
Sarah Tippets

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Computer Science

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Seth Holladay


Game Development on Avast Ye


This year the animation program developed a game called Avast Ye. During development there were problems that had to be solved, and workflows we improved. Artificial intelligence for characters had to be created that was both engaging and interesting. Work was also put into organizing class hierarchies and using interfaces to de couple much of the implementation. Major improvement were made to how we did animation and rigging, through usage of a tool called ARTV1 to automate much of the rigging process to allow animations to be developed and re-used faster. On the artistic side work was put into how to balance having small ant characters feels small, while still having the game feel stylized and whimsical, but recognizable to our world. Additionally balancing the visual look of ants with pirates had to be achieved. To increase productivity, tools were created to increase the speed of which artists could iterate on the materials (visual appearance) of assets in the game, accomplished by usage of organized material networks and functions.