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Cody Kesler

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Jared Whitehead


Importance of Clear Concise Understandable Code


When reaching into the unknown through research the importance of clear communication becomes ever clearer. As ideas are come across and expounded upon, the need to communicate these ideas, processes, and motivations becomes integral to the process itself. It becomes more important as ideas are solidified into math and that math is translated into code, allowing the ideas and problems to be automated and solved. The code is then the main window through which others view your work, experiment with it, and modify it to continue further into the space of unexplored ideas. This presentation will explore the need for a clear, concise, organized code base, with well-documented instructions in the process of the code as well as how it was constructed, specifically for Tsunami-Earthquake research under the direction of Dr. Jared Whitehead and Dr. Ron Harris.