Abstract by Kyle Cutler

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Kyle Cutler

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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John Price


Deuterater: An Analyte-Agnostic Refactoring of Kinetic Analysis Software for Deuterium-Labeled Metabolomics


Deuterium labeling is a simple, economically feasible technique for monitoring in vivo turnover rates through metabolic isotope labeling. The prevalence of H2O in biological processes allows deuterons from D2O to be easily incorporated in vivo into newly synthesized molecules. This labeling method and mass spectrometry are both naturally analyte-agnostic, and that property should extend to associated analytical tools.

The measurement of individual protein turnover rates in vivo is a critical step in understanding how proteostasis is regulated by synthesis and degradation. Applying the same computational technique to lipids allows us to reliably calculate specific lipids’ turnover rates despite the additional steps required to calculate its deuterium enrichment.

This study seeks to expand on the Deuterater proteomics tool. We will present our work on making the core of the Deuterater program analyte-agnostic, and the steps taken to reach that goal.