Abstract by Abigail Graham

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Abigail Graham

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Physics and Astronomy

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Darin Ragozzine


Orbital Resonance in Extrasolar Planetary Systems


Using data from the Kepler telescope, we developed a program to calculate frequencies of three-body resonances (f3bs) between planets outside of our solar system. This resonance occurs when three exoplanets within a system have periodic gravitational influence on each other due to a ratio of integers between their orbiting periods. This influence causes a pulling between the exoplanets altering their orbits. These periodic ratios are tested with a range of coefficient integers whose sum equals the order of resonance. Two different orders are tested, 0 and 1. Lower f3b values are more significant. The likelihood of each value representing a true resonance is determined by comparing it against values produced by 100 randomized universes. All analysis is done respective to the number of exoplanets in the system. Planets with orbital resonance offer insight into the architecture of solar systems and are candidates for further study.