Abstract by Karissa Kenney

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Karissa Kenney

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Gabriel Valdivia

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Michaelis


Terahertz Generation


Organic electro-optical crystals are of interest in the sciences because of their nonlinear applications. One of these applications is their use as highly efficient sources for THz generation. DAST is among the most commonly used organic crystals for generating THz. DAST is an organic salt where that cationic portion has a high molecular hyperpolarizability value. In addition to hyperpolarizability, an important factor to generating THz is the orientation of the molecules in the crystalline state. This orientation is defined by the angle between two THz-generating molecules in a single unit cell. One of our goals is to synthesize organic crystals that are more efficient for generating THz than DAST. To do this, we have developed organic crystals that are inspired by the structure of DAST but with a greater hyperpolarizability value and higher order parameter. To have a more efficient crystalline packing, we are modifying the anions that are paired with the cations.