Abstract by Tyler Westover

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Tyler Westover

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Basu Aryal
Dulashani Ranasinghe
Adam Woolley
John Harb

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Physics and Astronomy

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Robert Davis


Polymer Coated Annealing of Gold Nanowires


Using DNA origami as a bottom up nanofabrication technique we are able to make gold nanowires via directed assembly and electrochemical plating. This metal deposition process results in non-ideal microstructure yielding low conductivities compared to bulk gold. Electron beam lithography is the most common technique to make electrical connections for two point measurements. One of the process steps for electron beam lithography involves a 200° C bake. In studying the effects of this bake step, we observed unique morphological changes in the wires, which we titled a template anneal. We will demonstrate the changes in the wires morphology and conductivity through this low temperature templated anneal.