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Lauren Rawlings

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Jeremy Johnson
Brittany Knighton
Tanner Hardy
Courtney Johnson
Joel Woolley
Coraima Calderon
Alexa Urrea

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jeremy Johnson


Terahertz Waveform Considerations for Nonlinearly Driving Lattice Vibrations


Using terahertz (THz) light to push atoms in crystals far from equilibrium positions can help us understand fundamental interactions in solids and motivate future technology development. We show that modifying the shape of the THz pulses can drive vibrations nonlinearly, indicating extreme excitation. To study if the nonlinear response was a result of the anharmonic potential energy surface or a 2-photon absorption mechanism, we performed single-pulse power dependent measurements, z-scan measurements, and simple 2D-THz measurements. There is some evidence that vibration anharmonicity is the main contributor, but additional measurements with stronger THz pulses would be needed for a more conclusive determination.