Abstract by Christie Partington

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Christie Partington

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Rosemary Thackeray

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Computer Science

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Quinn Snell


Social Media as a Plaftorm for Mental Health Campaigns


Recently, many public health campaigns have turned to social media as a platform for spreading information and encouraging participation. In 2018 several organizations used social media sites as the base for their maternal mental health campaign during Maternal Mental Health Week (MMHW). Mental health is associated with high stigma and tends to be a difficult topic to discuss, in person or on social media. We collected data from Twitter and Instagram to, first, observe the extent to which people participated in the campaign, and second, identify topics and sentiment in MMHW posts. Finally, we hoped to identify the organizations and individuals who played a key role in distribution of campaign messages.

People still appear to be uncomfortable discussing maternal mental health on social media. Overall, the campaign did not achieve the participation that it was hoping for. In addition, recent privacy constraints on social media platforms may make it more difficult to use social media as a data source in the future.