Abstract by Jared Miller

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Jared Miller

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Physics and Astronomy

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Scott Sommerfeldt


Altering Listening Environments through Active Noise Control


There has always been a significant population concerned with achieving the best possible environment for listening to music; but in our world of convenience, people don’t want to have to go to the symphony hall to enjoy such an experience. The research presented here uses active noise control to alter sound produced in a given environment, in order to match a more desirable listening environment. This is done by incorporating a measured acoustic impulse response, representing the desired listening environment, into a filtered-x algorithm. The algorithm adapts until the response in the actual listening space matches the response of the desired listening space. Creating a computational simulation allowed for rigorous testing of the algorithm. Once the algorithm was fine tuned through the simulated testing, it could be applied in a physical system. Initial physical testing shows promising results. Currently, metrics to judge effectiveness are being developed, and the spatial extent of control is under investigation.