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Mark Gold

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Kenneth Christensen


Identification of Capillary morphogenesis gene protein-2 binding motif and Putative Binding Sites in Collagen VI


Capillary morphogenesis gene protein-2 (CMG2) is a transmembrane receptor that plays a key role in both physiological and pathological angiogenesis. Anthrax protective antigen (PA) is a well-known CMG2 ligand; however, physiological CMG2 recognition sites have not been identified. Using peptide arrays, we identified potential CMG2 binding motifs from CMG2 ligands. Sequences from the peptide array were aligned to the parent protein which revealed a unique region in collagen VI which likely includes a CMG2 binding site. After identifying putative CMG2 binding sites, the individual 15-mer peptide hits from the array were grouped, identifying the binding motif XRR as a conserved binding site. Identification and validation of physiological ligand helps define the role of CMG2 for ECM regulation and can be exploited to develop therapeutics that regulate or block pathological angiogenesis.