Abstract by Erik Huckvale

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Erik Huckvale

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Jack Hunt

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Computer Science

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Frank Jones


Applications of DOTkey


Our work focuses on utilizing gaming technologies to facilitate the acquisition of useful skills. Our first project is a mobile application designed to motivate typing practice. The application presents a running game that takes place on a hex grid whose tiles are labeled with letters or symbols. The player is able to move from their current location to an adjacent tile by typing its letter/symbol. Game-play involves avoiding hostile enemies while accomplishing specified tasks. The typing-for-movement mechanic on a 2-d map adds an element of strategy and entertainment not generally found in typing games. Our second project is a desktop app called Spell Caster. Spell Caster is a virtual reality (VR) game demo that illustrates a use-case for a new typing technology developed in the Applied Computation Lab called DOTKey. Because DOTKey does not require the user to be able to see their hands, it can be used to type efficiently in VR. As with our running game, Spell Caster can be used to incentivise typing practice. Both of these projects demonstrate the application of gaming technology to learning a real-world skill.