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Caleb Smith

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Geological Sciences

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Jani Radebaugh


Using a Predictive Model to help Identify Potential Meteorite Recovery Sites in Utah


The study of meteorites has been instrumental in understanding the origins of the solar system.Observations from the Meteoritical Bulletin Database indicate that Meteorite finds in Utah are lower than in other neighboring states. The aim of this research is to use GIS tools to identify potential acquisition sites for meteorites in Utah. Predictive models can be generated by using variables of land cover, surface geology, known recoveries, human interaction and climate to identify areas that exhibit a high potential for meteorite recovery. Each dataset can be assigned a weight from one to ten and combined to determine a “meteorite recovery potential” index, which indicates what areas are more likely to have meteorites. Areas that are identified using the meteorite recovery potential index can be visited and searched to verify the model. The intent of this research is to aid meteorite hunters in locating more meteorites.