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Ben Godwin

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Stephen Nelson
John McBride
Greg Carling

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Geological Sciences

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John McBride


Correlation of Thermal Spring Water Inflows with Surface Fractures and Subsurface Seismic Profiles at Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane Utah


Thermal spring water inflows surface throughout the Hurricane Fault damage zone at Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane Utah. These thermal inflows were geochemically mapped using a multiprobe to contour spring entry and river mixing profiles. Primary and secondary seismic survey were conducted to look for offsets in the subsurface within the damage zone of the Hurricane Fault at this location. Visible fractures are numerous on the southern cliff face of Timpoweap Canyon. These fractures were photographed with a drone using a high resolution camera. The images were then modeled in Agisoft and the locations and apperature of these fractures were located. Fracture locations and extensions were mapped into ArcMap version 10.6 along with offset locations and thermal water contours to look for correlation between these three feature types. Strong correlation was found to exist between all three feature types.